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From air quality testing to complete mold removal, the team here at Mold One is eager to help!


Our MICRO certified inspectors can answer any questions you may have regarding our mold removal process.  

Mold Testing

We’ve partnered with Eurofins laboratories to bring you state of the art testing.  Our air quality testing will give you a snapshot of all the mold spores within the air of the tested area.  We also offer viability testing, allowing us to test whether or not the mold spores we capture are able to grow.

Mold Removal

Our 2 step dry fog mold removal process will rid your home of mold within a day.  Our first step, InstaPure, sterilizes your home of all mold, viruses, and bacteria.  Then our second step, EverPure, is able to keep the mold from coming back.


Unfortunately, no.  While the products we use are completely people, pet, and food safe, they are an eye irritant.  

Yes!  All of the products we use are completely safe for people, pets, and food.  They are known to be a mild eye irritant, so we recommend removing all people and pets from within the home during treatment.

Our treatment begins with InstaPure.  This product breaks down the cell wall of mold and mold spores, effectively killing it.  The second step is EverPure, a product that microscopically binds to all the surfaces in your home to keep mold from coming back.  

Generally, treatment takes anywhere from 4-7 hours depending on the size of the treated area.  

Let us help you breath easier.

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