About Us

Mold One is a mold removal company that specializes in a revolutionary 2 step dry fog process. The founder, Mike Aughney, uses his bachelors degree in Microbiology with an emphasis in biomedical science to educate and assist families and business owners with their mold problems.  His knowledge has helped people from Rhode Island to Arizona with their mold issues.  

Why choose Mold One to help with your mold problems?

Fast and Affordable Mold Removal

Our patented 2 step dry fog process can have all the mold within your home removed within a day!  No demolition means you’ll be saving upwards of 50% versus traditional methods.

Fully Qualified and Insured

Mold One is fully qualified to complete mold remediation as well as mold inspections.

90 day Residual Effect

Our dry fog process is EPA approved and continues to work for 90 days.

We're ready to help!

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